We've made it our business to team up with top Bay Area startups to meet their hiring needs. With over nineteen years of experience under our belts, we've got you covered.  


"The competitive nature of tech recruiting was killing our ability to meet development goals because we were struggling to fill senior level software development roles.  Kinkor Consulting helped us redefine our interview process, build a solid pitch to join our company and manage us through the offer process to ensure a hire. In 6 week period of time, we made 6 technical hires to double our team and achieve our development goals."

– Roger Bush, Former CTO of UrbanSitter


"Kinkor Consulting came to us following our Series B funding with an imminent need to hire….and quickly. Our hiring plan called for doubling the company across all departments and our only sources of candidates had been referral or the diminishing returns of agency recruiting. Their team helped us determine the workforce needs, hiring priorities, and the Leadspace hiring pitch needed to close candidates. We hit our 2015 hiring targets and continue to confidently use them as a strategic partner."

– Doug Bewsher, CEO, Leadspace


"Kinkor Consulting helped us develop a specific headcount plan to drive our quarterly goal of 50% employee growth. This involved working with multiple managers to understand their needs, interview process/scoring development, and active outbound recruitment to fill roles. Additionally, they worked with us to develop our compensation levels for future hiring scaleability. We managed to hit our hiring targets, build HR infrastructure and setup our first Head of Recruiting hire for success."

– Nancy Bush, CFO, Threatstream


"With the Ad tech landscape constantly shifting, we needed to add more process and predictability around workforce efforts. This started with recruiting. We had very defined lines about how to execute, but it was time to optimize our ability to understand talent and culture fit while still selling our company as a top tier employer.  Kinkor Consulting worked with our senior management to build a more efficient interview process, mentored our hustling recruiting team and overall drove more hires. Ultimately they made us better and then hired a Head of Talent to move their efforts forward."

– Erik Juhl, VP of People Operations, Vungle


"Our business needs were being hampered by a talent gap at our company.  With such a challenging market to hire in, we needed to take interviewing to the next level. Kinkor Consulting helped us understand how we can better structure our interviews to assess talent while making us a destination of choice. They also positioned us to understand what talent is on the market that we could align with the skillset needed. They continue to advise us on hiring and interview training."

– Lale Basak, Head of Talent Acquisition, Nomis Solutions